Week 9, 7 more weeks to final showcase

March 3, 2008

Time sure flies, school’s almost over in 7 more weeks and I have yet done a single outcome for my final year project. I managed to complete a 6,000 word extended essay (quite a feat for me, considering I have not been writing for god knows how long) which is worth a chunk of my results, I guess its just conceptualizing for the outcomes from here now, my eyes are going to start bleeding again from all that inking… Well, class is in an hour’s time, i’m off


Another year passed, 6 more months to go.

January 2, 2008

Well, its been an uneventful year (which is a good thing to me always), I finished my first semester in LaSalle with a flat B for grades. Considering what I scored when I first stepped in, its a decent improvement. I’m hoping to finish my degree with a second upper, which shouldn’t be too tough if I decided to get off my lazy ass and slog all day.

Well, I’ll be dealing with child issues as my main theme next semester, using B&W illustrations as the style. I’m drawing alot of inspiration from James Jean at the moment, his fantasy style coupled with his soft lines really suits my project. I’m playing with inking nowadays too, having drawn my inspirations from the fantastic inkers working in Marvel and DC. Its not as easy as it looks, and really tires your eyes especially when your are beginner.

Bought Hotel Costes Vol.10, once again the DJ Stephane entrances me with his mix of down tempo acid jazz selections of music. Pretty nice album if you are a jazz fan like me.

Last but not least, all the best in the upcoming year people.

One more year to go…

August 24, 2007

Well school restarted and I’m onwards into the 2nd week, assignments are already piling up, looks like things aren’t going to be as easy as last year even though with less lessons.

The project theme I had chosen for this semester is “Design Imitates Life, how does Life inspires Design?” – Understanding the value of things. I decided to go with the theme of the four seasons, since living in Singapore has made us more or less totally nonchalant to the influence on the four seasons have on designers. I’m going use illustrations as a main theme (so whats new?), currently churning out 25 initial sketches set by the lecturer as starters, things are still looking pretty sketchy at the moment till more project lessons in order to confirm the direction I will be taking.

I managed to come out with some drawings before I got busy, I won’t bother commenting on them for now, just trying out some new styles here and there instead of sticking to drawing Japanese manga style, since it’s not good for my portfolio when I graduate from the school and start seeking for jobs in the future.

tay-siang-hwee-8847-bigger.jpg lady-final.jpg lady-daydream-final.jpg

Line Art Practice

August 1, 2007

A line art practice, well heres my critiques…

Overall shape the of face was decent, but the ears could use some work, perhaps pull back further away so that the face wouldn’t have a slight feeling of “crampiness” on it.

I think I would need more practice on where to thicken my lines in order to show focus of weight.

Other than that, i’m happy with my end results, though lots of room for improvement as usual 🙂

Well, its back on the road again…

July 16, 2007

I have finally decided to start writing a blog again, after much pondering on whether would I lose interest halfway, I am just going to have a “screw it” mentality and see how far could go with this.

Will be using this blog as a showcase of my artwork and designs (amateurish nevertheless), also to act as a progress report for myself to see the rate of improvement.

Till then, stay tune…